Holmen Top by Uncut Project

Monday, January 23, 2023

I tested the Holmen top by The Uncut Project before it was released last year, and here is my finished version! 

(See more photos at the end of the post.)

Size / View:

Due to the fitted bodice, I went off my bust measurement of 34.5" and sewed a straight size 38/M top version.

For reference, my measurements are:
  • Bust: 34.5"
  • Waist: 29"
  • Hip: 37.5"
  • Height: 5' 0"


I used a crinkly rayon from LA Finch Fabrics.

Adjustments / Construction:

  • Shortened the shoulder straps by 6".
  • For the back, instead of a 13" gather between the notches, I did 9.5" so that the back didn't scoop so low. For the top, I didn't want the scoop so low that the waist of my jeans could show. For a dress, I'd consider keeping the original length of gathering.
  • I did a minor adjustment to the hem, but this was more a matter of preference than fit. For the main fabric, I only did 0.25" folded over twice, and for the lining, I did 0.5" folded over twice.


  • This is a cute top all around!

Next Time:

  • Since the back ties are adjustable, it makes the sizing a little flexible - I might try to size down to a 36/S.
  • Try the dress version!
  • This pattern is fully lined, so it could be made into a reversible top or dress. The changes I would make in this case would be to top stitch (instead of understitch) through both the main and lining fabrics of the fitted bodice and possibly sew both the main and lining fabrics together at the hem so that they are the same length
  • Figure out a sewn-in bra situation (although I plan to wear the tester version without a bra . . . how old is too old to keep doing that?!)