Hi, I'm Shirley, and I like to craft.

I sew garments and quilts, paper craft, and snail mail, though I dabble in other creative hobbies.

I sometimes wonder, is blogging dead? I see this question being asked occasionally around the Internet, and there's plenty of opinions on it, including this article from A Beautiful Mess.

Personally, I felt burned out on personal blogging several years ago, so I stopped.

Since then, I've hemmed and hawed about whether blogging at least my creative projects was worth it. When starting a new garment or project, I find myself researching both Instagram and blog posts to decide on the right size,  fit,  techniques, and/or hacks. Ultimately, I decided there was value if only to use this blog as a sewing and crafting journal for my own future reference on construction and adjustments. 

Find / contact me on Instagram: @weliketocraft