Wiksten Tank

Monday, November 14, 2022
I made this Wiksten Tank a few years ago, which was one of my earliest forays into me-made apparel.

(See more photos at the end of the post.)

Size / View:

XS. Technically I fall into S based on the bust measurement, but there's also a lot of ease in the pattern, so I sized down. 

For reference, my measurements are:
  • Bust: 34.5"
  • High Bust: 32.5"
  • Waist: 29"
  • Hip: 37.5"
  • Height: 5' 0"


Whale print chambray from Joann.

Side story - I had gone to Joann one Saturday with two young kids in tow, and I didn't stop to shop for very long, though I had spotted this whale print on the shelf. I couldn't get it out of my head though, so I went back later that night with the whole family to get this fabric!

Adjustments / Construction:

  • None. I followed the pattern as written.
  • Sewing around curves was a little tricky and there are a few spots where it's not perfect, but I'm sure I'm the only one that notices. I don't think I was ironing down as I was pinning the curves, so I would try to do that better next time even though it takes more time.
  • This was the first time I finished a neckline with hidden binding and looking back on it, I could have done a better job ensuring that the underside doesn't show. Again, this is probably something that I only notice because I sewed the garment, particularly since I used the same fabric for the binding.


  • Easy to sew for beginners
  • No serger required since the inside is finished with French seams 

Next Time:

Subsequent to this whale print chambray version, I made a dress version out of gray suiting fabric (also from Joann) that I wore to the office a few times, with a skinny belt cinching the waste and a cardigan. It was okay, but I don't love it. I'm thinking of using the fabric to make something else all together. 

In this second version though, I made a couple of adjustments that I would do if I sew this pattern again:
Next time, I might also try out a fabric with a little more drape, such as a rayon challis.