Summer Day Top by Made Everyday

Monday, November 21, 2022

Tucked or untucked? I always wear this untucked, but tucked looks pretty good too!

Back when I made this Summer Day top from MADE Everyday, I started AND finished this top in a weekend, which usually doesn't happen!

(See more photos at the end of the post.)

Size / View:

Size 2, cap sleeve version. For reference, my measurements are:
  • Bust: 34.5"
  • High bust: 32.5"
  • Waist: 29"
  • Hip: 37.5"
  • Height: 5' 0"


Linen fabric from Joann.

Adjustments / Construction:

  • No adjustments to the pattern itself, though I did deviate from certain steps of the construction (read on below).
  • I finished my seams using French seams. Since the seam allowance was 3/8", this was easy to do by first sewing a 1/8" allowance with the wrong sides together, then sewing a 1/4" allowance with the right sides together. This actually made the construction really similar to the Wiksten tank.
  • For the staystiching, I sewed symmetrically starting from shoulder to either the center or the bottom of the armscye, to avoid potential wonky stretching. (Tip from sewing the Ogden cami!)
  • I ironed the curves into the bias binding before sewing it on (tip from Winmichele!), particularly with the neckline. The sleeves are a little tricky regardless, but ironing along the way really seemed to help keep things in the right place as I was sewing, more than just pinning alone.


  • Good beginner garment sewing project
  • Quick sew
  • The boxier fit of the linen

Next Time:

  • Try a fabric with more drape (e.g. rayon)
  • Try the sleeves and/or peplum version
  • Go down a size, at least in the waist/hip area. I would likely muslin this before cutting into fabric
  • Pay more attention to lining up the pattern and fabric