Peplum Top by In the Folds

Sunday, October 30, 2022

This peplum top by In the Folds for Peppermint Magazine languished as a WIP for months, and I finally finished it up back in December 2020. 

(See more photos at the end of the post.)

Size / View:

I made a size B, which has body measurements of bust 34" / waist 26" and finished garment measurements of bust 36" / waist 38". Given the peplum style of the top, the hip measurement was irrelevant.

Based on the body measurements in the instructions, I'm technically closer to a size C, however, I chose to go with size B after looking at the finished garment measurements.

For reference, my measurements are:
  • Bust: 34.5"
  • Waist: 29"
  • Hip: 37.5"
  • Height: 5' 0"


Purple linen-look fabric from Michael Levine Fabrics in the LA Fashion District.

I describe this fabric as "linen-look" because it doesn't tend to wrinkle after I wash and dry it, so I think there is at least some synthetic fibers in this. I found this fabric in the clearance section for $1 / yard. It was super cheap because at the bottom of the bolt, there are stains that don't come out with washing, but the bolt is 54" wide and there was plenty of non-stained areas to work with, so I got 7 yards of it - I thought it was a steal still! Even when the guy was cutting the fabric for me at the store, he was like . . . are you sure you want this? Haha!

Adjustments / Construction:

  • Lengthened the bodice 2", so it wasn't so cropped.
  • Modified the shoulder straps to reduce gaps at high bust.
  • Took in the bodice by 1/4". In retrospect, I might not do this adjustment if I make this top again, at least not in the bust area - I can tell it's just a tad on the tight side in the bust area, though not uncomfortable.
  • I skipped doing a muslin for this. I was okay taking the risk because the fabric I used was already a such a steal and the garment isn't super-fitted.
  • The fabric was a little more see-through than I liked, so I actually lined the bodice with more of the same fabric. I also enclosed the peplum between the two bodice layers so there are no exposed seams.


  • V-neck back detail
  • Beginner level garment

Next Time:

  • Skip taking in the bodice by 1/4" at high bust, or do a size C at the top and grade down to a size B in the waist area (which I've done for other In the Folds patterns)
  • Try a fabric with more drape or a knit
  • Use fabric that doesn't need to be lined and serge exposed seams